Frequently Asked Questions


Goal of the game?

The goal is to solve various puzzles to achieve your mission. Reflection, Analysis, Logic and Teamwork will be your best assets.

What are the available languages?

You can play either in english or in french.

What is the required age to play?

Considering the difficulty of the puzzles, children below 12 years old shouldn’t really play. Those of more than twelve must come accompanied by an adult. People older than 12 years old can come alone.

Are games adapted to all types of handicap?

Sadly, our rooms aren’t designed to welcome people in wheelchairs. People with crutches can still play.

How long does it last?

Our games last for 1h30

15 minutes of briefing,

1h00 of game,

15 minutes of debriefing

Be right on time !

If you come in advance, we may not be ready.

If you’re late, it would shift all the other following games.

Where are we?

We are 35 rue Gabriel Péri, 31000 Toulouse

I've never played an Escape Game, won't it be too hard?

We can act on the difficulty and / or the number of puzzles for the mission. When making your reservation, let us know the difficulty you wish to meet.


How many players should there be?

Teams must consist of 3 to 6 players.

One of our players isn't coming, what do we do?

If you are still more than 3 players, no problem, you can still come play. If you are less than three players, contact us and we will see if we can shift your niche. We can not accept cancellations 2 days before the reservation.

We found an additional player, what do we do?

If your team does not exceed 6 players, it’s doable! Financial compensation will be requested via credit, check or cash on the spot.

One of our players is still a bit claustrophobic, can he still play?

Of course, the rooms are designed to accommodate 6 people, but without being on top of each other! Cameras are in place to track your progress (no recording is made) and we can intervene at any time if a discomfort occurs.


How to Book?

Bookings are online only : click here to book

I want to organize a professional event.

No problem, we can book you the rooms. A competition between teams is also possible, contact us for more informations.

I want to organize a birthday or a private event

No problem, we can book you the rooms. A competition between teams is also possible, contact us for more informations.

How to pay?

The payment is done during online reservation, via credit card. You can also come to the shop directly to pay in cash.

I want to offer a gift to a friend, is it possible?

Of course, you can come and buy a gift card. Your friend will also be able to book via phone by telling us the number on the card and the name of the buyer.

Is it possible to cancel an appointment?

No cancelling is possible. In case of cancelling, please contact us immediatly and we will find you another timeslot.

We found an additional player, what do we do?

As long as the number of total players doesn’t exceed the capacity of the room, it is possible to add players. You will just have to pay for the additional player us in cash or via credit card when you arrive.